Julianne LaFon, Reporter

After all the rain on September 7, Midland took on Spring Valley at home and lost 35-7

Some of the students that went to the game didn’t like how we had to wait an extra hour for the game to start.

” I didn’t like the delay”said  Freshman Louden Bennett  ” The day was cold and rainy enough and at times it made me want to leave.” Freshman Joseph Swain said the same ” I didn’t really like the delay, there was a lot of standing around.”

Some even thought that it had and impact on the way Midland played.

” The delay definitely could have impacted the way Midland played but they still had time to warm back up” said Bennett.”The wait could have impacted how they played, like maybe they weren’t has hyped up as they were before” said Swain.

Even though Midland lost, I think they played just the same but other students thought differently.

” I think they played worse considering they lost pretty bad and they won their last two games” said Bennett.

But, some agreed with me.

” I didn’t go to the Parkersburg game but, I think  they played about the same when they played against St. Albans.” said Swain.

The teams Midland played at home are very different, considering Spring Valley is good and St. Albans isn’t.

” The game was different because there were less people present and we lost pretty bad” said Bennett. Swain said ” They lost for one thing and they had a better challenge since Spring Valley was actually good.”

I asked some of the students how they thought Midland’s season would go if   they played the same way they did against Spring Valley.

“Since Midland didn’t play very well it would result in a bad season” said Bennett, ” They need to keep their heads up and play like I know they can.”

Swain had a different perspective, he said ” It depends on who they play. If they play a good team, I think Midland would have a challenge but have a good chance at winning. If they played a bad team, Midland definitely would have won.

Another question I asked was what Midland had to do to show their full potential.

“I think they need to practice certain things, they need to get better at certain things to show how good they really are” said Swain.

” I don’t think Midland needs to do anything, they just need to keep their heads up and play like I know they can.” said Bennett

And I agree with him, Midland is going to go far this season no matter where, how, or who they play.