Lee Blake, Reporter

The vaping trend has grown over the past year. Making younger people want to join in on the action. Causing major problems in the vaping community because FDA is trying to ban the production on vapes if they don’t get the underage usage. The FDA claims that the flavors are targeting the younger audience.

I asked someone their opinions the topic “Did the FDA ever consider that maybe everyone likes mangos, and not just young people. Or maybe I don’t want to smell like smoke every time I need nicotine” said anonymous.

People say that Juul’s are bad, but they do not consider how much good they are doing for the world. Vaping allows people to get their nicotine without getting a full dose of it like a cigarette would.

I asked people if they think vaping should be banned and they said “I feel there needs to be less underage vape usage but I feel that what the concept behind them is a great thing” said anonymous.

The new idea is to sell vapes to people only over the age of 21 and not 18. My philosophy is that at 18 you should be able to buy tobacco products whenever you want and however much you want. Just because people are abusing the vaping rights doesn’t mean you should punish the vaping community.

Overall I say that the government should not take the anger they have out on the vaping community but rather the companies who sell underage users their products. But will Juul’s and other vapes be banned who knows only the future will tell, but what I do know is that the government is going to change vaping for everyone.