The Best Things About the Fall


Joshua Biser, Co-editor

With the fall season rapidly approaching, many people are looking forward to a new change in scenery from the summer’s bright greens to the fall’s shades of reds, yellows, and oranges.


Some students look forward to the change because of extracurricular activities.


“Being in the band, practices only make the summer that much hotter,” said senior Lydia Scibek, “With the fall coming, practices should hopefully cool down some.”


“Cooler weather is definitely the best thing about the fall,” said senior Cole Bedway, “band practice is really hot in the summer.”


While some people enjoy cooler temperatures, other people also enjoy other aspects of the fall season as well.


“I like the cooler temperatures.” Said senior Josh Dauber. “I also enjoy Halloween decorations, as well as the spooky feeling you get around Halloween.


“I like the smell of campfires during autumn,” Said senior Jaden Forbush “As well as the sounds of the leaves crunching as I walk on top of them.”


With the coming of fall, many activities go away with the seasons change.  This, in turn, allows for new events and activities to take place, such as football.  One of the more notable events, however, is Halloween.


“I enjoy fall because of Halloween,” said senior Isabelle Litteral, “and the great thing about Halloween is free candy.”


Some people enjoy fall for the changing of the seasons.


“My favorite thing about the fall is when the leaves start to turn, and fall off the trees.” Said freshman, Evan Harbison.



While fall may not be everyone’s favorite season, there are many activities that take place during the fall for people to enjoy, even if it’s not the whole fall season.


“I’m not really a fan of the fall season,” said junior Hannah Eves, “I do enjoy football though.”