Effects of Hurricane Florence


Ruth Brown, reporter

Late last week, what started as a category four hurricane hit the east coast of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Devastation and destruction was hit by the massive hurricane, knocking out the power of more than 300,000 people and killing more than two dozen people.


The first out of many deaths was a mother and her baby. A tree fell on their house, killing them while the hurricane was raging on. Many others were killed by this massive storm. Majority of the fatalities, numbered at 27, resided in North Carolina. Very few were killed in South Carolina and Virginia. The cause of the deaths in North Carolina was powerful currents from rivers (Hurricane Florence Aftermath 2018).

Not only people, but a lot of animals were killed. Most of them were chickens. More than a million chickens were killed.

Thousands of anxious residents of West Virginia were worried about the storm and the effects of it. People had thought that possibly we could get a lot of the storm and rain from Hurricane Florence. Residents in Southern West Virginia were worried about the hurricane and the severe flooding that could result from the rain.

There are dozens of charities and foundations helping to raise money and necessary needs for those affected by Hurricane Florence. There has been multiple famous people, like Michael Jordan, who have donated to the cause (CBS News 2018). His hometown was hit majorly in the hurricane. He donated two million dollars to hurricane relief.

Despite Hurricane Florence being over now, there is still threatening chances of more severe flooding. For a lot of people, the flood water hasn’t gone down.. People that have evacuated from The Carolinas and Virginia cannot go back due to road damages or some have been back but to see their house destroyed by extreme flooding.

This hurricane is the first hurricane in decades to hit this hard on the east coast. Rebuilding will take months, if not years to complete. Foundations and charities are open to help raise money for rebuilding and having necessary needs to the people who lost everything.