Religion in School


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Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Religion is a topic students and teachers do not discuss in schools.  Everyone has an opinion on religion and if we should discuss it in schools or avoid it completely.

“I don’t mind talking about religion in school because people have their own opinions about what they believe in,” Junior Hannah Perry said.  Perry believes that we should be able to talk about religion in schools because students are not trying to change other’s beliefs, only wanting the ability to express their beliefs in a respectful manner.

“I think the no talking about religion rule is okay to a point.  If a student has a bible and wants to say something about it to one of their friends, then it’s harmful.  Trying to push a certain religion is another thing,” Junior Katie Gaddy said.

Both families are religious and are christian.  Their families go to church and their families believe that they should have an opportunity to talk about. religion, but a student should not push another student to believe something they don’t.

“I think we don’t allow it because they believe that we might ridicule each other and not respect each other’s beliefs, which could led to bullying,” Perry said, regarding why she thinks freedom of religion is not allowed in school.

“They want kids to have the freedom and not be influenced by other students or faculty members to join a religion that they do not want to,” Gaddy said.

In America we have the great opportunity of having the freedom of religion.  There could be many possible reasons to why schools do not prefer teachers talking about religion.