Barboursville Fall Fest 2018

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Barboursville Fall Fest 2018

Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

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Every year the Barboursville fall fest brings lots of people out to enjoy the festival with the fun activities, games and parade to celebrate the beginning of fall. There are many rides, games and prizes to win when going to the carnival. Many people around our region gather to share the fun and excitement at the fall fest. The festival has always been a tradition in Barboursville as this year’s fall fest was during September 13th– 15th.

Senior Robbey Freeman thinks that the festival is filled with fun activities to do.

“My favorite part about fall fest is the concessions and food,” said Freeman.

Freeman expressed on to how many people go to the festival every year.

“I feel that there is a fair amount of people that go to the parade and carnival,” said Freeman.

Freeman explained how often he goes to fall fest.

“I try to go every year when I can,” claimed Freeman.

Along with Freeman, many other students have shared fun memories at the festival and have even thought of good ideas for new attractions to be included in the festival.

Freshman, Brandon Workman had participated in the parade in the beginning of the festival, and gave his thoughts on his experience in the parade.

“The best part about the parade is that you see everyone in Barboursville, including your friends and family,” said Workman.

Workman has also shared his favorite part about fall fest including the community as a whole.

“My favorite part about the fall fest is seeing the community coming together. It was fun seeing Barboursville have another event,” stated Workman.

The amount of publicity and people who go to the festival continues to increase.

“Every year I think it gains more people that aren’t from our town. I would like to see more posters advertising it though,” said Workman.

Barboursville’s fall fest will always be a fun experience for people of all ages who go or even participate in the festival.