Is Schoology better than Oncourse?

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

For the 2018-2019 school year Cabell Midland has switched from using Oncourse to Schoology for students to access their grades, check assignments, and more.

Since Schoology is a relatively new program it has taken some getting used to with students around the school. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Junior Katie Gaddy says one thing she likes about the new website is being able to turn in assignments and find out who is in her classes.

“I like how on Schoology you can submit assignments and see who all is in your classes,” said Gaddy.

Schoology is an online platform where grades are frequently posted as well as different assignments and classwork. It enables teachers, students, and parents to interact with different learning materials from the classroom and beyond. While it has many useful features, there are some options that aren’t offered like they were on Oncourse.

“I don’t really like that you can’t see your attendance on Schoology, like how many days you’ve been absent,” said Gaddy.

Some of the things Schoology has for students to use are the ability to digitally turn in homework, participate in class discussions, take tests, look at their grades, message their teachers, and much more. However, there are still certain things students wish were different about the site.

“I wish you could access your teachers’ websites like you could on Oncourse,” said Gaddy.

The question is, which website is better, Schoology or Oncourse? Right now it might be too soon to tell. Everyone has their own opinions, and ultimately, both of them have good things and things they could improve on.

“I like Oncourse a little better just because it was less confusing and there weren’t so many pages,” said Gaddy.