Parking Pass


Alec Bentley

Parking passes are important if you want to drive to school.

Lee Blake, Reporter

In order to drive to Cabell Midland High school and park in the parking lot you must have a parking pass. Parking passes are acquired by filling out a packet and providing a license, registration, and proof of insurance. The problem with parking passes is that they cost $40 or the year and $20 a semester. That is outrageous because some people only drive part time to school and the county is making them pay for a full time driver.

I interviewed a student drive and here is what he said “The price of parking passes makes me not want to drive, but on the other hand I have no other way to school” said Maguire Beever.

I asked another student what they thought about the cost of parking pass and he said “I feel like if we got to decorate our parking spots then I’d pay the $40 and not complain, but since we just get any old parking spot I feel the $40 is a little high” said Brennon Shope.

The issue isn’t buying a parking pass it is paying the price they want us to. The people have asked for a lower parking pass rate, but the school ignores the requests of the students. There is always next year that the school may lower the prices. Because that is all that really matters is that we make the school and community a better place for the next group of people behind us.

Just remember you can pay the $40 they want for the parking pass and be happy, or you could ride the bus and be bored and sit and wait in the cold every morning.