Opinions on community service


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

Community service is a requirement for every student in Cabell Midland. Many people have their own thoughts about whether if it’s beneficial or just extra work. Ten hours is mandatory to graduate and with that, there are a variety of places to volunteer at to receive the service hours.

For the majority of students, community service should not be a task to worry about as there is a great amount of time to complete only ten hours.

Senior Beamlak Kuma, thinks the amount of hours needed to graduate should be increased.

“I feel like it should be increased, because it will make students want to get more service hours to impress colleges,” said Kuma.

Kuma expressed how working for service hours can help build character.

“Your character depends what your goal is for when you volunteer. Whatever your objective is for doing service hours, is what you’re going to get,” said Kuma.

Many students have a variety of places that they can volunteer to receive hours.

Kuma gives advice to where students can volunteer.

“Your local homeless shelter or any concession stands for sports events, are good places to volunteer,” said Kuma.

Although community service can be seen as extra work to some students, many continue to volunteer to help the community or increase their chances to impress colleges.

Kuma has enjoyed volunteering for service hours.

“It gives you the opportunity to give service back to the community,” said Kuma

Besides Kuma, there are many other students that are planning to get started on community service hours or are experiencing it currently.

Providing service to the community is great for free time and is looked at by colleges to see what kind of person you are. Asking counselors, teachers, parents and even seniors are great ways to look for places to volunteer for service hours.