Top 10 Things to do in The Fall

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Top 10 Things to do in The Fall

Tessa Spurlock, Re-porter

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The Top 10 Things to do in the fall


The first day of fall was September 22 and after a long hot summer everyone is ready for the fall sports and cool weather. There is so much you can do in the fall, from pumpkin pies to corn mazes. Here are the top ten things to do in the fall.


  1. The Cabell County Pumpkin Festival, 4th -7th of October. The Pumpkin Festival is a county wide festival, there is rides, games, and all things fall related.
  2. Corn mazes (Gritt’s Farm or in Milton): Corn mazes are always fun to get lost in with friends.
  3. Haunted Houses (Fear On the Farm): It is always fun to be scared.
  4. Carve a pumpkin: Pumpkins are the mascot of fall and it is a messy process, but very fun.
  5. Try pumpkin pie or anything that has pumpkin spice in it.
  6. Decorate for Halloween and dress up. You are never too old for candy.
  7. Ghost Hunting: Even if you do not believe in ghosts, it is still fun to pretend.
  8. Hot-air balloon ride. This is a must, if possible. Get a bird’s eye view of the changing leaves.
  9. Fall hike: Get out and see the beautiful changing of seasons.

Have Fun and stay spooky.

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