The Beginning of Fall

Summer Boling, Reporter

With Fall approaching quickly, many people have found themselves preparing for cooler temperatures. Many have stated that fall is the best season, as it is piled with holidays and traditions. Many different people are prepping for multiple different celebrations, showing that Fall, for many cultures, is a special time.

For most, people are looking forward to the many aesthetics of Fall, regardless of their practice. Fade Berry, junior, has stated that they believe fall is best, as the weather is fairly neutral. They also state that Fall is home to many of their favorite holidays, most importantly, Halloween.

While the holiday does have its fair share of controversy, many people are looking forward to the general social aspects of a holiday that celebrates the abnormal and the orthodox. From this, people find fall not only as a time of giving, but as a time of personal expression. In a sense, people find themselves intune with fall, as it gives a plethora of opportunities to express oneself.

Berry believes this is generally important, seeing as a person must know themselves before they can progress.

Other students have stated that while they find the holidays important, they also look forward to the food that comes with the season. From pumpkin spice to caramel apple, Fall has developed a pallet all it’s own. Many people tend to look forward to this solely because it is so unique to the season, and it’s a staple most other seasons can’t easily boast.

Fall, in it’s being, is a unique time in itself, carrying a culture of its own. With it being on the horizon, many people are prepping for the beginning of a time that most hold dear in their hearts.