Juuls in schools


malaki toler, reporter



All around the country kids from middle school to highschool are using these things called juul. Juul is a e-cigarette, also know as a vape, it comes in two parts the battery and the pod. The pods are flavored and sweet and they come is flavors such as, mango, mint, fruit, along with a few others. These pods are full of the addictive chemical nicotine, one flavored juul pod has a much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Experts worry about teens and young adults getting hooked on juul and its nicotine and become addicted and start smoking cigarettes. “Id say about half the school, if not more has a juul and they’ll be using it in class when the teacher isn’t  looking” says senior Lee Blake. Juuls are made to be small and unnoticeable they even almost look exactly like a flashdrive. The school has a strict no tobacco or vaping on school grounds but that isn’t stopping anyone “kids will always be juuling in class or they will go to the bathroom” says senior Zack Backus. PAX labs the company who makes juuls was founded in July, 2017, in just 14 mouths PAX labs has made over 15 billion dollars. On september 14th, 2018 the FDA gave PAX 60 days to to keep Juul out of the hands of teens and young adults. Will they take juul off the market? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.