students favorite resturants


Dylan Maynard, reporter

People like different types of food. Some people like do know what other people eat outside of school. Some people like to eat at home others like to eat out at restaurants instead of eating home cooked food.

Freshman hayden pennington likes to eat at qboda “i like to eat at the restaurant in barboursville qboda it’s like chipotle but better,” he said.

His favorite food there is the steak burrito “every time i go i always get the steak burrito, it’s the best thing on the menu in my opinion,” he also said.

He continued to say that it costs him 20-35$ every time he goes “it cost me a little much most of the time like 30$ every time i go with my family”

He says he only goes once every two months “Once every 2 months is pretty much the most I eat there”

He also says that he hasn’t gone in the last month “I haven’t been in over a month.”

Now that is weird not going in over a month to your favorite resturant for that long. That’s not the only student opinion that we have today. another freshman Zach brown said that his favorite restaurant is chick-fil-la “my favorite resturant is chick-fil-la, because my mom takes me there and its like the only place she takes me,” he said.

He also said that it was beside walmart  “The restaurant is beside walmart so i can go there a lot”

He continued to say every time he goes there he spends 30$ on him and his moms food, “when i go on the weekends me and my moms food cost like 30$ every time we go it is really expensive.”