Top 5 locations for Hoco Pictures


Hunter Niebergall, Sports

The Top Five Places To Go Get Pictures For Homecoming:

1) Ritter Park, they have multiple places to get pictures and there is always a huge crowd so you could make sure you see all of your friends and there is also some restaurants close to Ritter Park. Red Lobster is a close restaurant to go to after pictures.

2) Barboursville Park, there is different sceneries to go and get your pictures. There is also many people there which probably you know. It works out well for that reason. Another reason is, it is close to all the mall restaurants and you wouldn’t have a far drive to go from pictures to dinner.

3) CMHS Football field, this is a good place to go if you are a football player. You can get individual pictures with you and your date. That is a place that is special to all players, so it means something to them. It is also a convenient location to go to dinners afterwards.

4) Milton Cover Bridge, if you are not a people person and not a football player, a good place to go get pictures is in Milton beside the Pumpkin Park. That is a good scenery in the back ground for pictures. It is far from any formal restaurants, that is the only negative thing.

5) D.I.Y, many couples are starting to create backgrounds and things for pictures at your house. This is more convenient for families to see everything and everyone. It is convenient to dinner depending on where you or your date lives for dinner. This causes less stress for parking and people.