5 things to do in the fall



In West Virginia there is many fall activities that you can do these are some of the best things to do in the fall. Go to the cooper family corn maze in Milton. It was founded in the 1840s and started out as a farm for beef, Tobacco, hay, corn, and timber. Until 2001 when it joined THE MAIZE. Another thing to do is to go to the local park and collect colorful leaves.There are many places that you can go and collect colorful leaves such as a local park or even just go outside and collect them from your yard. The third thing that you can do in the fall is to go tailgating at your college football games.

There is always a big turn out for college football games on the weekend and tailgating is what most of the people do. The fourth thing to do in the fall is to carve a pumpkin.since halloween is just around the corning cut a face into a pumpkin and put it on your porch. The 5th activity you can do in the fall is to go to camden park, there are many rides at camden park to put you in the halloween spirit such as the haunted house.