Top 3 Halloween Movies to Watch This Season


Elizabeth Simmons , Reporter

Halloween is the perfect time to gather around with some friends and watch a few movies, and Midland students are no exception for this tradition.

After polling several students, it was discovered that the top three movies to watch this season are:

3. Hocus Pocus

In this tale of three witches trying to gain eternal youth, three kids try to foil their plans with help from a 200 year old cat that can speak. Who will win?

2. Halloweentown

The Cromwell family has magic in their blood, but Marnie isn’t allowed to use it. Her mother forbids it. However, when Marnie discovers the town her grandmother lives in is under attack, she makes her way to Halloweentown to help save the day! Will she succeed?

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

When Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween, happens upon Christmastown, he decides it’s not a bad idea to take over the new holiday, as the lull of post-Halloween has arrived. He presents the idea to his town and they all begin to prepare for a Christmas like none other. However, Sally believes it’s not such a great idea to kidnap Sandy Claws and take over his holiday. What will become of Christmas?


Enjoy your Halloween and have fun watching your spooky movies! Happy Halloween!