Five Haunted Houses in West Virginia


Joshua Biser

Joshua Biser, Co-editor

With the fall season just beginning, this means Halloween is rapidly approaching.  Nothing is more well associated with Halloween than haunted houses.  There is a large selection of haunted houses in West Virginia, each with its own things to offer, here are five of them.


Fear on the Farm- Fear on the farm has more to offer than just a scary experience.  With a wide variety of attractions, there’s something for everyone to do here.  Other events take place throughout the year as well, such as the Vampire’s Ball.


Fright Nights WV- The main attraction of Fright Nights is the haunted trail, a truly terrifying experience.  If you’d prefer something less scary, Fright Nights also offers an escape room, as well as laser tag.  A 3-D nightmare attraction is also offered, which features various special effects.


Miller’s Nightmare- Miller’s Nightmare offers a haunted trail experience that takes you through different areas, from an old manor, to a mysterious trail.  There are many experiences to be offered here, such as the haunted farm.


Dungeon of Horrors- Held by West Virginia Penitentiary, the dungeon features some very unique experiences.  These include being locked in a cell, wandering through a maze, as well as a trip through a very strange dungeon, all with real bats about.


Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum- Featured in what was formerly an insane asylum, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum opens again for its 11th year.  Featuring a storyline of a doctor reviving his horrifying patients, this one isn’t recommended for children under the age of thirteen.


With Halloween just a few weeks away, many people begin to enjoy the thrill of being scared.  West Virginia has many haunted attractions to offer, each with various activities, to satisfy people of all ages, as well as people who enjoy other aspects of Halloween.