Parkersburg Volleyball Tournament


Julianne LaFon , Reporter

On Saturday and Sunday (September 15 and 16th) our girl’s volleyball team traveled to Parkersburg. They fought very hard and ended up doing pretty well.

Having to travel for any sport is definitely not fun. I would much rather play at home and so would both of these girls.

“I like playing at home better because we do not have to travel and worry about being late” said Freshman Kyleah Lewis, ” We are used to playing on our courts unlike the ones at Parkersburg.”

” If we play at home we do not have to travel, we can just take our time and walk down to the gym,  take our time to get dresses, and we have extra time to warm up.” said Freshman Rylee Hightower.

Everyone thinks that when you play at home everything is so much easier, you do not have to do anything but get dressed and show up. You do not have to worry about leaving school early to go on a two hour bus ride, but apparently it is not the same for all teams.

“At the Parkersburg game we had to travel  but it was not that big of a deal, at home we had to clean up the gym and courts and put up the nets. The games were also a little easier since we were used to the courts” said both Lewis and Hightower, “It is a lot harder than it looks.”

The girls have only played in one tournament but they have still played games, all of which have been different, some were harder, some were easier, but overall they said that this tournament was the hardest.

“The Parkersburg tournament has definitely been the hardest because we were not used to their courts and they did not have air conditioning,” said Lewis.

“Parkersburg has been the hardest because it was our first tournament and we were not used to their courts,”said Hightower.

Our girls volleyball team has been doing pretty good this season and I really hope the rest of the season goes just like this.