Spirit Week

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Preparations for Homecoming have officially begun which means Spirit Week is finally here, giving students the opportunity to show off their creativity and their school pride.

The themes this week are America Monday, Tacky Tourist Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Jersey Thursday, and Friday is school colors. Junior Bridget Rajarajan says her favorite thing about this week is the way it gets everyone excited and gives people the chance to just be themselves.

“My favorite thing about spirit week is how it gets the students excited for school events,” said Rajarajan. “I also like how everyone gets to bond over weird things together.”

While most people can probably agree that spirit week is meant to be a fun time for everyone, there are still some things about it that could be improved. There’s no way every single student is going to approve of the theme choices each year.

“One thing I don’t really like about spirit week is some of the options,” said Rajarajan.

One of the more interesting aspects of spirit week is planning outfits, for those who are participating. A lot of work goes into making sure everyone else is blown away.

“I might participate in Tacky Tourist Tuesday and Jersey Thursday,” said Rajarajan.

The themes for the week that are chosen every year are always unique in their own way and different from the year before. There are so many ideas out there for entertaining and imaginative ways to dress up.

“If I could add my own theme to spirit week, it would be pajama day!” said Rajarajan.