Alex Jones Ban from Twitter


Jared Pullen

When you think of Alex Jones, you might think of a crazy, right wing conspiracy theorist, yet still a human with the rights like the rest of us. Some people, however, decided to take away his freedom of speech from Twitter – with a ban for such a light offense.

Alex Jones had an unfair ban back a few months ago. He was, reportedly, banned for “Abusive behavior,” when he went on a 10 minute rant on a Twitter video against a news reporter. Twitter decided this was the right thing, but could they be showing hypocrisy over an event like this?

Senior Troy Adkins believes so. “The right get harsher punishments when compared to the left,” Troy said, “where the left don’t get punished almost at all.”

However, others, such as senior Isaiah Shepherd says otherwise. “I think he deserved it,” Isaiah said.

Interactions of companies with their users like this can spark a question – should companies be allowed to do things like this?

“If the company is based in America, then yes,” Troy said, “but if the company is not in America, then no.”

Isaiah agrees, but with a different reasoning. “Twitter can get crazy without it,” Isaiah said.

I asked them one last question about this topic – will people who act similarly get the same treatment, or is only a certain group being targeted?

“Yes, Twitter is targeting anyone who falls to the right,” Troy said.

Isaiah believes in a similar idea. “There is a slight bias,” Isaiah said, “just depends on the demographic.

Overall, the ordeal was interesting, as it showed the power that Twitter has on their people. It did also show a possibility of bias towards certain individuals as well. Some might believe that Alex Jones’ ban was justified, while others point out that people go on rants all the time, while they don’t get banned either.