October Horoscope


Summer Boling, Reporter

Aries – The month will be filled with multiple new beginnings, be prepared to accept change. Many new horizons await you

Taurus – While this month will be increasingly busy, you will find ways to distress and finally have time to yourself. Don’t fret the extra time, cherish it while you still have it.

Gemini – People may seem cold this month, but keep in mind people lead different lives, and have their own demons to deal with. Don’t carry the blame on your shoulders, lend a helping hand when you can.

Cancer – With many new faces, this month may just be the social highlight of your year. Don’t let it get to your head, but feel free to accept it. New connections will be behind every corner.

Leo – This month will be hard, but you will power through. people’s words can never tear you down, stay strong.

Virgo – This month will be a clean slate for you, allow the past to fade. What happened is done, take this clean page with pride, you deserve it.

Libra – While it will be a slow month, you do deserve the break. Don’t try and fill time with unnecessary burdens, take a breath and relax.

Scorpio – While it may be tempting to change the tides this month, don’t give in. No matter how appealing those matches look, you’ll need those bridges in the near future. Don’t let go just yet.

Sagittarius – Keep in the balance of last month, your mentality will carry you far. Stay true to yourself, don’t rewire yourself for whoever you may meet on your travels.

Capricorn – Love will find you this month, don’t panic. Let time play it’s hand, everything will be just fine.

Aquarius – While this month is very significant, it’s only the beginning of something huge. Be prepared for tidal waves, they’ll be key to your new success

Pisces – Take it slow, this month will hold many hardships. Don’t let it consume you, time heals all wounds.