Nike Controversy

Nike Controversy

Jared Pullen

Not too long ago, Nike had set their face of the company to Kaepernick for their 30th anniversary. Because of Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem in the past, people got upset and started buying Nike apparel just to burn them, in protest of the company.

People have various different views on this situation. “I think this is stupid in general,” says senior Troy Adkins, “they’re just feeding money to Nike.”

Some think the opposite of the situation. “It’s freedom of speech,” says senior Isaiah Shepherd, “although it is a waste of money.”

Obviously, burning Nike products isn’t the best way to go. “Just don’t burn your shoes,” Isaiah said. “Just don’t buy Nike,” Troy said, “because that just feeds them more money.”

With Kaepernick being the new face of Nike, however, this could, in my opinion, help him spread his ideals better than his previous stunt. “I mean, possibly,” said Isaiah, but however, Troy thought otherwise. “No, this won’t help him at all,” said Troy.

All in all, the whole thing was one crazy time for Nike. The whole ordeal was insane, and as some might say, stupid. “Both the supporters and protesters are stupid,” Troy said. “All of it didn’t matter, and it’s just an ad.”

“I’m kinda in between,” Isaiah said, “it is his freedom of speech.”