Kavanaugh Claims

Kavanaugh Claims

Jared Pullen

With the claims against Kavanaugh coming at a very certain time, it does raise questions from people, as if it was held off until Kavanaugh was chosen, or if it was all a lie coming from the left side.

Although these claims are coming in, some people still think he is an okay person. “He doesn’t seem like a bad guy,” Senior Troy Adkins said, “he looks too weak to try something like that.”

“Seems like there’s nothing wrong with him,” said Senior Traeven Shepherd, “he probably wouldn’t do something like this.”

Others get concerned that this was all done to push a Democratic agenda. Troy believe so on this.

“It definitely has to be,” said Troy, “there is no way they could hide this for 35 years after it’s happened.”

Although it seems likely false, that doesn’t mean that something did happen to her. “Something like this should be taken with a grain of salt,” said Troy.

Alongside it possibly being a push for a Democratic agenda, people also believe that Democrats timed the call out just before Kavanaugh was going to be voted on, just to delay the hearing.

“This was definitely planned” Troy said, “there is no reason for Ford to hide it for so long.”

Whether this is the case or not, some believe how they wanna believe it. It could be real, with Kavanaugh being the perpetrator, the delusional thoughts of an event never happening, or a political scheme to change who dominates the office.