Homecoming 2018


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

As the Cabell Midland homecoming dance is coming up on the 13th of October, many students have already made plans and are finishing up anything that needs to be prepared for the dance. Homecoming will be a great experience for the first or last time to all students that decide to go.

Many students have various opinions on this year’s homecoming and to categorize their thoughts; creating a poll was the best way to gather student recommendations.

When asked if homecoming is well organized, the majority of students said that they believe the gym is suitable enough to hold everyone for the dance.

Several students recommended that homecoming should start at an earlier time, so that other students wouldn’t be as tired staying up late at night.

The masquerade theme for this year’s homecoming is creative, however some students believe there could have been better options for a theme such as scenes from famous movies, time periods in the past and foreign cultures.

Students were asked if juniors and seniors are more likely to go to homecoming than freshmen and sophomores, the majority of students said that there is no higher percentage of one grade than the other.

Most students were divided when asked if homecoming is expensive, as the greater majority said that it doesn’t have to be if you don’t make it. Other students say that with the dresses and suits and all accessories can be pricey.

Almost all of the students said that their favorite part about homecoming is seeing their friends in really nice dresses and suits, as well as getting together to make it as much fun for them to have a memory of the year when they went.

Although students have favorite parts they like about homecoming and parts they would like to change, homecoming in general is a great time for everyone to get together and have fun for the night.