Sweet Halloween Treats

Danielle Hughes, staff reporter

Halloween is a great time to scare people and make people happy. Both the younger and older crowds love sweets so what better way to get them in the halloween mood then with yummy treats. Theres many easy treats to make and you can either make them to hand out for the tricker treaters or give them to family members and friends. One of the coolest ones I fount is Jack Skellington oreo pops. They take 10 minutes to prep and a total of 25 minutes to make.  Say you want to make twelve of them, You only need 12 oreos of your choice, two cups of melted white chocolate, two table spoons of coconut oil, black icing, 12 lollipop sticks and black ribbon(it is not necessary but it makes them look cooler). After you have all the ingredients needed, line a medium baking sheet with parchment paper, stick the sticks into the cream of the oreo, mix coconut oil into the white chocolate, and dip oreo into it till its completely coated with the white chocolate. Then you want to place them in the fridge for around five to the most at ten minutes for them to harden. Get them out of the fridge and put the icing on it like it is on Jack Skellington’s face and let cool slightly. If you chose to have the black ribbon on it, tie the black ribbon around the lollipop stick into a bow. Now you have a tastey treat for your family, friends, the tricker treaters and you. Double recipe if needed.