The juul epidemic

Danielle Hughes, staff reporter

Now days people always are doing something they arnt supposed to,  some people steal,  some people do drugs some just don’t listen,  others are walking around thinking they are vape gods.  Vapes and Juuls are everywhere,  they’ve been around for a while but they are just now getting popular,  but they are getting popular with the wrong crowd. People under the age of 16 should not be allowed to use either of these products, it’s illegal and probably always will be. You can hardly go anywhere without seeing one.  Not Only are they addicting but they are dangerous.  There is a reason minors are not supposes to have them. If you do it enough,  it could give you a Nicotine buzz,  sometimes the buzz is good but others it makes you have a headache so bad you can’t even think without it pounding your head to a point you collapse.


Skylar Fawn of freshman year said she thinks they should be more strick with who can and cannot have a vape or Juul. “I think you shouldn’t be allowed to have on till you are twenty one,  parents are out here buying them for their kids,  I don’t understand it. ” Says Fawn. She thinks that parents are part if the blame.  “Parents know how addicting this stuff is and yet some of them don’t care and just throw it to their kids, almost every day I can go online and see that someone is posting a video of then puffing smoke or they got a juul or vape from their parents. ”


People need to be more responsible,  why do people do something when they know that you could get addicted for a lifetime,  vaping isn’t just something that makes you look cool,  it’s a life changing thing.