Should We Have More Time In Between Classes?

Danielle Hughes, staff reporter

We have about six minutes to get to class each time,  I feel like that is more then plenty after the first two weeks of school.  On my first week I got so lost even though I went to the orientation.  On my first day I was about twenty minutes late to journalism even with the help of four teachers. After a few days I finally got it down Pat,  now I can walk to class without looking up.  I can be reading a book and get to class easily, even if I have to go up the stairs.  One day to my class I was taking my time and I see students running around still confused,  some people it takes a while for them to remember stuff.



Lilly Bass of freshman year was one of these people. She had trouble with finding her class for about a week and a half, then she was slow getting there because she’d take the wrong turn or run into someone.  “I feel like we should have a little bit more time then 6 minutes.  For some classes I have to go from one end of the school to the other and it’s tiring. It’s hard to focus in class because I’m here running out of breath trying to remember where the next stair case is. ”


A lot of other people agree but there’s always a few that don’t.  Skylar Fawn of freshman year thinks we should have our time cut. “I think we should have four minutes to get to class,  I will be sitting in a class for minutes and it’s 7 minutes into the class and everyone still isn’t there because they are out in the Hall way talking. ” Says fawn