Three Types of Photography

Ruth Brown, reporter


Many photographers today prefer a certain type of photography. Sometimes it is because they are exposed to it more often than others. They are simply better at taking certain types of photos than others. In the world today, there are different types of photography. In this article, three of the most common types of photography will be given.

  1. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography includes one or more people. A lot of these kinds of pictures show the personality of the subject, not only with the person, but also with the background or foreground. There are many reasons why people use portrait photography. Some of it may be just for fun or it can be used for some kind of work. Lighting in portrait photography is one of the most important aspects of this category. Editing can go a long way with portraits. This kind of photography can build up creativeness in Photoshop. It can also help learning more about Photoshop.

  1. Wildlife Photography

Letting the mind become a part of nature is one of the best things to do, especially in wildlife photography. Wildlife includes not only animals, but different plants, trees, and even rivers or bodies of water. One of the demands to be included in this category is to have a deep passion for the outdoors. If one wishes to become a wildlife photographer, traveling is included in it most of the time. It gives the opportunity to travel to different places to see different sceneries.

  1. Fashion Photography

To be able to be a photographer in fashion, there needs to be a mind of fashion present. Some tips are to get to know what is trendy and cute. Match different outfits. Find what you think is cute.


There are many other different types of photography. Portrait, wildlife, and fashion are among the most popular in the world.