What is a Best Friend?

What is a Best Friend?

Maddy Adkins, Staff Reporter

Best friend’s come in many different forms. Everyone views them differently. Some people’s best friends are lifelong companions that are there with a helping hand anytime while others may see a best friend as being a pet waiting for them when they get home.

“To me, a best friend is someone you can go to for anything, talk to about anything, tell anything to, and be yourself around,” junior Cameron Grobe says. Best friends are the people that are there to help you keep going. They help you stay strong during rough times, make you laugh when you are feeling down, and always make you feel included in the moments you all are together. “My best friend’s name is Emilie Charles. We met at school when one of my friend’s liked her and I had to go talk to her for him. I am glad I did it because now, I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. I trust her with everything in me and I would go as far as humanly possible to keep her happy,” Grobe says.

The people that we consider best friends are more than just friends. In my eyes, best friends are considered family. Respect, involvement, communication and encouragement are some of the main must-haves when it comes to any type of friendship and/or relationship. Best friends areĀ  constant reminders of how important, desired and deserved you are to them.

It is always good to have someone to keep you together, show you how appreciated you are and be there for you no matter what.