Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

The PSAT was given to all juniors and the sophomores who signed up to take it last Wednesday as a way for students to prepare for the real SAT which will be given to juniors next semester.

Everyone has their own opinions on the test; some found it relatively easy while others thought it was difficult. Junior Emily Alexander says it was easier than she imagined it would be.

“Honestly I thought the PSAT was pretty easy,” said Alexander.

The point of the test is to evaluate students’ readiness for college and careers, and it’s also a great way to possibly get scholarships. It has four sections; language, reading, and two math portions. Normally it costs money to take, but the practice version was given for free. Although it may have its advantages, a very high score is required to actually get scholarships, and there are some parts of it that almost everyone can agree were hard.

“The math section was definitely the most difficult for me,” said Alexander.

Some of the benefits of taking this test are improving academic skills, gaining access to College Board’s website, getting an online score report, and a personalized SAT study plan. As a junior, the PSAT is even an entry point for the National Merit Qualifying Scholarships, but it is recommended for students to take it even if they aren’t planning on going to college. Some parts of the test are easier than others, and either way, it gives people the opportunity to get in some good practice.

“I thought the language part was the easiest,” said Alexander.

It’s safe to say most students are eager to receive their scores, which will arrive at school early this winter for distribution.

“I don’t think I did too bad on the test,” said Alexander.