Homecoming Experience

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

This past weekend Cabell Midland had their 2018 homecoming. The theme was masquerade and the student that helped decorate did a great job. This was my senior homecoming which was very bittersweet. The music was the same as usual which is not very exciting. This was a night for everyone to remember for the rest of their lives. Times like these during high school are cherish-able. As a fellow student I would like to see how my fellow students felt about the night and if it was a success. “It was good I had a great time on the dance floor with my date and friends”, junior Doug Melton. There is a lot that goes on for homecoming to prepare. You have to find your attire and all the things to go with it. You have to plan the dinner and the group you go with. There is also always plans to go along with after the dance so that your night doesn’t have end at the dance. “It was a good end to my last homecoming that I will always cherish”, senior Hailey Stombock. The pictures only capture a part of the night but it’s always something to look back on. “It’s sad that it was my last homecoming but I went out with a bang with all my friends so I’m ready for prom”, senior Trinity Casto. I hope everyone had a blast at homecoming and was safe.