Overall Thoughts on Homecoming 2018


Tessa Spurlock , Reporter

Homecoming is something most students look forward to every year. Homecoming is for all grades 9th-12th. This year’s theme was masquerade, but students were not allowed to wear masks for some unknown reason.

    Most students who go to homecoming are usually freshmen, not that all grade levels do not go to homecoming, but mostly all fresh,em do go, because it is their first year and they do not know what it is like.

    “This is my second year I have gone to homecoming,” said senior Dylan Hoffman.

Sometimes students just go once to check it out and sometimes they do not like it or it is just not for them.

    “I cannot go again because I am a senior, but if I had choice I would not,” said senior Maria Blackburn.

    For seniors they can go again next year, but they would have to be invited by someone who is still in high school.

    Most students enjoy the homecoming dance, because it gives them the opportunity to dress up, go out to eat, and have fun with friends.

    “I enjoy going to homecoming, but I mainly go to just hang out with my friends,” said Hoffman.

    Being a high school dance the music is usually targeted towards the typical high schoolers and that means that not everyone will enjoy it.

    “I did not enjoy the music and I feel that they play some of the same songs every year,” said  Blackburn.

    The theme was masquerade and being a high school they do not have a whole lot of money to spend on decorations, but they usually do a good job.

    “I thought they did a very good job with decorations this year and I really liked it,” said Hoffman.

    Every year there is a theme for homecoming and prom. The students do not get a lot of say on the theme, but they do have some ideas of their own.

    “I think a really cool theme for prom or homecoming would be like a Titanic theme,” Hoffman.

    Although students do not get a lot of say on the music or theme, every student seems to enjoy homecoming and recommend that everyone go at least once.