Horoscopes Today

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

I’ve always found horoscopes interesting and exciting because it’s almost as if it gets you hyped for the day. You almost have something good to look forward to and that’s why I seem to find enjoyment in it. It’s something to look at to start your day and get your mood pumped up.

I’m honestly not too sure how accurate these horoscopes are but it’s still a fun thing to have on the daily. Today’s horoscope for an Aquarius is: “You’ll have the physical energy and the vision, so don’t waste a precious second of this cosmic combustion. Get your work done, but save time to channel this turbo-charged energy into your top priority: YOU! Go ahead and talk yourself up, especially if you’re scouting for a partner or trying to seal a business deal. Stay open: Under a sky like this, you never know whom you might bump into!”

These are the kind of horoscopes I enjoy; it gets me looking forward to something and it has me at ease that the day is going to be good. “I enjoy horoscopes because even if it seems disappointing you still have something to look on throughout the day,” senior Hailey Stombock. “I honestly have never looked at horoscopes but they’ve always seemed interesting so I might try it out,” said senior Hunter Long.

Today I suggest trying it out and see the mystery that is your horoscope.