Diversity in Cabell Midland


Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Cabell Midland is filled with mostly white people. The amount of diversity is very low and only a small percentage of kids are diverse.

There are a few black people, but there is never a diverse friend group. All the black people hangout with one another. Sometimes in a classroom there are all white people and at least one diverse person.

“There isn’t much diversity in Cabell Midland. I wish there was though. Then we would have more of an insight on different cultures,” said Junior Morgan Nelson.

“I would love to learn about new cultures and how they differ from our culture,” said Junior Hannah Tomes.

The culture is something people don’t usually talk about or want to learn about. Everyone one is in their little bubble and they want to stay in their comfort zones. It’s good to learn about other cultures/

“There should be a club that teaches us about other cultures if students are interested,” said Nelson.

All cultures are unique in their own way. Everyone is special in their own way and we should learn to respect that.

“There should be more diversity in Cabell Midland, because it’s too white,” said Tomes.