Halloween Traditions


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

As Halloween becomes closer within a couple of days, people continue to do their traditions leading up to Halloween. Everyone has their own individual traditions that they do every year, whether it’s watching a certain movie, carving a pumpkin or going to parties.

There are a wide variety of traditions that people do to set the mood for Halloween, and some people have the exact same plans in mind starting a new Halloween.

Senior Ben LaCou, tells his traditions that he does during Halloween.

“I like to watch lots of scary movies, eat a lot of candy, and visit Halloween stores to see what they have,” said LaCou.

Almost everybody has their own unique types of Halloween movies that they watch every year with friends or family as a tradition. LaCou explained his top two favorite Halloween movies to watch.

“I like to watch ‘The Shining’, and ‘Halloween’,” said LaCou.

There are many iconic monsters, creatures and characters that come to mind when thinking about Halloween. LaCou believes that a ghost out of a vampire, ghost, or witch, represents Halloween the most.

“The ghost seems more iconic, because of the history and how many times it’s used during Halloween,” said LaCou.

There are many neighborhoods that are more active for trick or treating compared to others and LaCou gave his opinion on which neighborhood is the busiest and most active during Halloween night.

“I think that Barboursville, ‘Pretty Drive’, probably gets the most attention by parents and children,” said LaCou.

During Halloween many people also go to costume parties, carve pumpkins, and even create certain types of Halloween treats. All are considered traditions to people that create memories. However, there are still plenty of ways to make room for new traditions with friends and family by trying new experiences for Halloween.