Medieval Games

Ruth Brown, reporter

Medieval Games was originally going to be on Thursday, October 11, 2018, during Spirit Week. It rained that day and the other days the administrator put is as. Finally, on Thursday, October 25, 2018, the Cabell Midland High School Medieval Games commenced.


Many say that Medieval Games was too predictable, that the seniors would win. In this case, they did gain their victory.


The most surprising game was tug-of-war, which the freshmen won. Many people were surprised at the strength the freshman has this year. They beat the seniors the first round and the juniors in the second round, causing them to win the whole game.


The weather outside was fair for the medieval games, although it was cold outside. Many people were cold and did not want to be outside longer than about two or three hours. People were ready to go inside or just leave school.


Another event that happened on that Thursday was Powderpuff Football. A group of girls from each grade competed for victory. The freshman and sophomores did not go to the second round. The seniors and juniors went on to win it for their grade. The juniors won the overall game of Powderpuff football.


The winner of the overall games as the class of 2019, the seniors. In second place was the juniors. Sophomores held third place. Sadly, freshmen received last place.