Pep Rallies

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Pep rallies are a tradition at every high school and showcase students’ outstanding abilities in sports. The next pep rally at Midland is coming up on Friday, November 2.

Most students can agree that pep rallies are a great way to show off their school spirit and have fun hanging out with their friends. Junior Morgan Nelson says her favorite thing about pep rallies is getting to take a break from going to class.

“The thing I like most about pep rallies is getting out of class,” said Nelson.

Some people complain about the noise at pep rallies because although they are supposed to be enjoyable, they are known to be pretty loud and they can also get very crowded.

“My least favorite thing about pep rallies is being surrounded by so many loud people,” said Nelson.

There is probably at least one thing every person could say they’d like to change to make pep rallies better, whether it be the location of them, the activities, or even the sports that are put in the spotlight.

“I think having less people would make a pep rally better because you would actually be able to find a good seat and there wouldn’t be people bumping into you as much,” said Nelson.

More often than not, pep rallies focus on sports like football, cross country, and band, so there is likely to be some athletes that feel left out in sports that aren’t as recognized.

“I think the archery team deserves its own pep rally just as much as the other sports because it’s still a sport, just not as popular as football and things like that,” said Nelson.