School Fire at Cabell Midland


Maddy Adkins, staff reporter

On November 1st, 2018, Cabell Midland High School in Ona, West Virginia experienced a great scare. At around 9 o’clock Thursday morning, a fire rose in an oven of the food prep classroom. No one knows the full story as to how the fire actually started. There are rumors going around that it may have been caused by the food prep teacher while others believe it was caused by a student’s “misuse of the oven while trying to bake cookies.”

“I walked in to 2nd mod and the fire alarm went off. I thought it was just a drill until I saw fire trucks, ambulances and police officers.” sophomore Sydney Eastes says.  For many, the scene went from calm to chaotic within minutes. Around 9:20 a.m, students were instructed to make their way to the football field to get away from the building.

As the students’ merged into the stands, many became considered about their belongings. “I forgot my keys in my bookbag so I have to come back to get my car.” says junior Carlie Coleman. Many others were agitated for similar reasons such as missing their phone, keys or other important items in their forgotten bags. Students that drove to school and had their keys on their person were allowed to leave the campus once the chaos had settled down in the stands. A custodian was also sent to the hospital due to smoke inhalation while trying to contain the fire.

Around 12 o’clock, buses began arriving to take students home. By 2 o’clock, all students were home safely.