Boys Cross Country wins state championship

Boys Cross Country wins state championship

Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

Recently, the Cabell Midland Cross Country team has won state championships and with that comes much excitement for students and the school itself. Members of the Cross Country team should be filled with pride and enthusiasm as their hard work helped them bring cheer to the castle.

One of the members of the team, senior Josh Dauber, gave his inside thoughts on winning state championship and the Cross Country team as a whole.

As all members of the team should be excited for their hard work, Dauber expressed his attitude from winning state championships.

“I’m really excited that we won and proud to be part of the winning team. I’m really glad everyone’s hard work payed off,” said Dauber.

All the members have unique backgrounds and each of them have expressions to what Cross Country is like for them. Dauber gave his experience to being on the team.

“I’ve been in Cross Country for three years, starting my sophomore year, and it’s very hard work, but also really enjoyable,” said Dauber.

Each of the members on the team all have their personal reasons as to why they won championships, but Dauber gave his reasoning.

“The team won states because of the hard work they put in, but also because of our coach’s commitment to the team,” quoted Dauber.

For future students that are interested in joining Cross Country, Dauber explained what it teaches and gives as a result.

“I would say to do it, but also more specifically to do it early. I didn’t join freshman year, and that was my only regret. It’s really fun, and teaches you how to work hard, and you get to meet new people as well,” said Dauber.

Appreciation and gratitude should be given to the coach and everyone in Cross Country for making everyone in the castle and their families proud for winning state championships.