Cabell Midland Swim Team

Bailey Arkell, Editor-n-Chief

As winter quickly approaches, so do the winter sports, such as swimming. Some of Midland’s members of the swim discuss the swim team and how it relates to their life.

Senior Sydney Adkins chose to be on the swim team because she loved swimming.

“I had tried every other sport before,” said Adkins. “I loved swimming for fun, so I tried the sport hoping it would work out, and it did.”

Adkins believes that the swim team will help her with life outside the walls of Cabell Midland.

“Swimming is about taking responsibility for your performance, while maintaining a team outlook,” said Adkins, “which can be applied outside of swim.”

Senior Natalie Dauber and Adkins tell their favorite memory since joining the swim team.

“My favorite memory is trying to put on our tech suits, which are extremely tight,” said Dauber. “It takes multiple people to help put it on. Even then, most of the time my suit is up my butt.”

“I loved the minute we realized our relay teams were going to make it to states,” said Adkins. “It was pure joy.”

Dauber and Adkins share what they do on the swim team and how they are preparing for this season.

“I swim in the Individual Medley (IM) category, which means I swim all four strokes in one race,” said Dauber.

“I swim Freestyle and Butterfly,” said Adkins, “and right now it is going good. We are ready to win and conquer. We are preparing by swimming every night to push our endurance.”

Dauber and Adkins agree that joining the swim has allowed them to form close relationships with their teammates.

“I’ve made such good friends at swim because we spend so much time together,” said Adkins.

Adkins encourages students to join the swim team next year.

“You get great exercise, make new friends, and take part in activities.”

Soon, the swim team will be competing in meets, in which the dates will be listed below. Come out and support the Knights, as we hopefully take home state titles this year.


November 15 – Quad Meet at Marshall University

November 17 – Chapmanville Invite

November 24 – Shady Springs Invite at Beckley YMCA

December 1 – CMHS Invite at Marshall University

December 7 – Quad Meet at Marshall University

December 15 – Teays Valley Invite at YMCA

December 21 – Quad Meet at Marshall University

January 12 – Parkersburg Invite at Parkersburg YMCA

January 18 – Kowal Championship (Senior Night) at Marshall University

January 21 – Teays Valley Invite at Teays Valley YMCA

January 26 – MSAC at Marshall University

February 2 – Region IV Championship at Marshall University

February 14, 15 – WV State Meet at West Virginia University