The engine


lee, reporter

The Engine

An engine is a very complex thing when looked at in a large picture, but when you break it down it is pretty simple. In this story I will explain how it works.

To start off the fuel goes through the fuel lines into the fuel pump. Which then the pump pushes the gas into the carburetor. Which then filters out the gas to make sure there is nothing bad in the gas like dirt or anything that could cause the engine to not function properly. After the fuel is filtered it is sent on its way into the engine.

The spark plugs play a major role in the engine. Without spark plugs and a distributor, the car would have nothing to start off of. After you turn the key that’s what engages the spark to hit in each cylinder.

In each cylinder there is a piston. The piston is attached to the crank shaft which is in the center of the engine. In the center of the engine there is also a cam shaft. A cam shaft allows the amount of time in-between each crank. The higher the number of cam you have the meaner and more powerful your motor will be.

Once your engine is running your power has to go somewhere. The next place for it to go is the torque converter. This turns the power from the motor into power your car can use. The converter allows you to choose how much torque and your stal rate.

After that your power goes to the transmission. The amount each of your gears get is based on the model of transmission you have in the vehicle.

The next part would be the power going to the driveshaft and then into your axles. With all that being said that is a very rough and basic explanation of how an engine works in a car and all the functions it does to allow the car to move.