Top 5 colleges in the country


Julianne LaFon , Reporter

Even though the school year just started, it is never too early to start looking at colleges. These 5 colleges are some of the best in the country because of the way they teach their students. Each of these colleges has a specific criteria that every person has to meet in order to be able to go to that school.

  1. Princeton is a private Ivy League school. Their educational mission is to prepare students to purse meaningful lives and to help address the challenges of the future. It is a vibrate community of scholarships and learning.
  2. Harvard is another private Ivy League school. They are devoted to teaching leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. For students that are excited to investigate issues of the 21st century Harvard is the right school for you.
  3. Columbia is the third private Ivy League school. It is one of the world’s most important centers of research, they seek to attract diverse and international faculty and student body.
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Tech (MIT) is a private research college. Their mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science and technology. Their community is driven by a shared purpose to make a better world through education, research, and innovation
  5. University of Chicago is a private, non-profit research university. They empower individuals to challenge conventional thinking in persuit of original ideas. Their research has led to such breakthroughs as discovering the link between cancer and genetics.

There are many other colleges out there, just look around and you will be able to find the perfect one for you and what you want to be.