Autumn Senior Picture Hot Spots!


Elizabeth Simmons

Hawk’s Nest 2018

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

­Seniors have a habit of taking pictures year-round to ensure they get the perfect shots to commemorate their last year at high school. Where are the top places to snap a few pics for the Autumn leaves in the background?

1. Hawk’s Nest 

Hawk’s Nest is most celebrated for having a fantastic display of crimsons and auburns throughout the autmnal season! Stopping by and taking pictures with the golden leaf-littered pathways is surely a trip worth taking!

2. Ritter Park 

Not only can you snap pictures with the leaves and trees, the fountain is still lit up as running for one of the last times of the year!

3. Barboursville Park

The lake, the playgrounds, the train tracks, the sensory garden… What more could you ask for as a backdrop against your senior photos?

4. Beeh Fork State Park

With hiking trails and the only beach within miles of the area, there’s no better place to snap a few pictures than a park.

5. Old Central City (in Huntington)

Not only is there a gazebo in this area, the antique shops and fall decorations are to die for! This may have been one of the top places for pictures for homecoming as well, but it’s a sure show-stopper regardless of the occasion!