Top 5 sides to serve for Thanksgiving


Julianne LaFon, Reporter

As Thanksgiving inches closer and people start worrying about what they’re going to serve for Thanksgiving, here is a short list of sides that you could serve alongside your famous turkey.

  1. Stuffing which is the most obvious choice. You can use it to put into your turkey or just have it as a side. Usually stuffing is usually made out of bread and other vegetables and spices. 
  2. Mac& Cheese, there is all kinds of different ways to make this delicious meal. You could add 1 or more types of cheese, you could put different vegetables and meat, also spices.
  3. Green Beans– I don’t think there are too many different ways to make this side, for different flavors you could put different spices into the water, and maybe add a little bit of ham.
  4. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, which is another classic choice for Thanksgiving dinner. You could use all kinds of potatoes, any kind of gravy, and you could put all kinds of spices into the gravy and potatoes.
  5. Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie classic Thanksgiving desserts, that you can make pretty much how ever you want. There are all kinds of different recipes online, that use different ingredients.

All of these foods can be made all kinds of different ways, just make sure you know which way you’re going to make them and get all the ingredients. Everyone have a fabulous break and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!