November Horoscopes


Summer Boling, Reporter

Aries – Don’t let your vices get the best of you, times may feel rough but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel

Taurus – Keep your current vibe, don’t lose your rhythm just yet, a steady pace is they key to great success.

Gemini – While there are truths that need to be shared, keep them close for now. The time will come to when you need to raise your voice.

Cancer – Everything may seem perfect as of right now, but keep your guard up, not everything is this simple.

Leo – Stay strong, your courage will act as a leading voice for those around you.

Virgo – This month will be easy and smooth for you, take this as a chance to relax

Libra – Take care of those you meet this month, they have heavy stories and could use as much help as possible

Scorpio – Live your life to the fullest this month, don’t let a soul silence you. The night belongs to you.

Sagittarius – Keep your eyes open, your worst fears are coming closer to shore than you predicted.

Capricorn – Don’t waste the fortunes you earn this month, while it may be tempting, you will need the extra cash in the future.

Aquarius – Treasure the small things in life, they may be common, but you will find that they hold a special place in the future

Pieces – Make your dreams a reality this month, the doors are open. The only thing you need to do is take the first step, the rest will fall into place.