Ghosts: haunting figures of the past or hazy dreams?

Ghosts: haunting figures of the past or hazy dreams?

Summer Boling, Reporter

The paranormal as a whole is quickly regarded as figments of the imagination, something used to entertain children on cold windy days. However, some believe that the dread driven downfalls of those before them may hold some truth.

While the idea of the dead walking had be written and interpreted time and time again, there is still much left to learn. However, at the very core, the paranormal tend to be purely tortured spirits. Whatever their hauntings are, these spirits only seek redemption for the sins committed against them years ago.

Regardless of them being wives’ tales or omens of the past, they tell stories of people who deserved better. Often they were killed early, in often orthodox fashions.

This brings one question. If ghosts are real, should they really be feared?

While someone who has had their life ripped away would understandably be terribly vexed and spiteful, they were human at one point. People do not naturally aim to kill others, especially not over something one person did. If anything, the only people who should fear spirits are the ones who provoke them.

With Halloween behind us, it’s safe to say that most of us are safe.