Chaos at Cabell Midland

Ruth Brown, reporter

Chaos struck Cabell Midland on Thursday, November 1st. In the early minutes of second mod, the fire alarms went off. Most students thought it was just a fire drill. The longer students stood outside, the more grumpy and worried they became.

Senior, Jasmine Sandoval said, “When I found out that it was not a drill, I wished I had brought my stuff.”

When students found out that it was not a drill, they became worried about their belongings. A large percent of them left absolutely everything, including their phones and keys. Those who drive to school and left their keys in the building, left their car and went home by parent pick-up.

About 15 minutes of being stuck outside, all students and faculty were direction to go to the football field, where we were placed for an hour and a half before students were able to leave.

There was a report of a missing student. Many were worried about that student. About thirty minutes later, the student was found unharmed. There was another report about one of the janitors being sent to the hospital due to smoke inhalation from attempting to put out the fire.

At around 11:30, students began to be released. School returned the following day to their normal classes.