West Virginia Midterm Election Results


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

Election Day was Tuesday, November 6th, and the West Virginia Senate election resulted in Joe Manchin winning majority vote. To many people, Manchin is a great individual to represent West Virginia in the U.S Senate. Others may have felt Patrick Morrisey was a better candidate for the job.

The results in the midterm election were close with Manchin having 49% of the votes and Morrisey having 46%. The West Virginia senate election can tell a lot about the increasing Independent Party as Manchin won the election while being in the Democrat party.

It should also be known that both Amendments One and Two were passed, in which Amendment two regarded judicial budget oversight, an economical change in the state.

For senior students that were wanting to participate in voting, it is required to be 18 or turning 18 in November to be eligible to register to vote during the election.

As for our district, Republican Carol Miller won a seat in the house against Democrat Richard Ojeda. Miller won 56% of the votes and Ojeda had 43%..

Going in depth with the election results, there are many reasons as to why people voted Manchin and Morrisey; many citizens may have voted for Morrisey because of the endorsement of the president. Other citizens may have voted for Manchin because of his respected position as former governor.

West Virginia as a state is difficult to categorize into a single party either being Republican or Democratic since citizens have both liberal and conservative views. Until recently, before our Governor, Jim Justice changed our state to Republican, we were considered more of the Democratic state.

Overall, the midterm elections can be viewed as an interesting turn of events with Machin winning against Morrisey and both amendments being passed. We will see how these newly elected representatives affect West Virginia in the near future.