Being Different


Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

In high school there are always different groups of the same people, whites, african americans, etc. Some get made fun of by the others but others make friends with the different people.

“It’s not that crazy I wish there was more diversity but I’m basically one of the white people now so I’m good.” Junior Bridget Rajarajan. “No, not really people make jokes but it’s not like they’re laughing at me, we laugh together about it, but sometimes they all get to me.”

“Yeah, there was a lot of diversity in Morgantown, my mom, Subha, and I both had lots of Indian friends but I also had chinese friends, mexican friends, black friends, and more, we were all one big group.” Rajarajan. “Here at Cabell Midland I try to talk to as many diverse people as I can but in high school everyone’s in their own bubble or group.”

“If there was diversity I could feel like someone could relate to me and understand what it’s like to be an Indian in America, a country that is known for a lot of races to immigrate to.” Rajarajan. “I feel like it would be easier for me and others like me if there were more Indians or more of their race here at cabell midland to express their selves and culture.”

“There have been many problems throughout history of people making/having it unequal to/for others. Now everything is changing/leveling out between everyone and it’s great to see that happening and watch it progress into something great.” Rajarajan.