Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day

Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

Veteran’s Day is all about the importance of remembering and not forgetting those who served and sacrificed what they had for us to have the freedom to do what we want.

Veteran’s Day is all about the men and women who serve, who fight for our freedom and all that we can have along with it.” Senior/Elder Charlotte Smith. “I think that they should be supported more. I had a husband who served and he loved it because he knew what he was fighting for his family and home.”

“They get sent across seas to fight by the government and some of them don’t get to come back home to their families, a lot of their families wait for them to return but some don’t and the families and friends have to deal with that loss of that person/people. It’s tough of anyone/everyone involved in the service.” Smith. “I just want to be able to see changes toward the veterans done like apartments/homes, medical care, jobs if they are not employed, just anything that can get those off the street and back on their feet and for anyone else who has served to have more privileges than others for sacrificing their own lives for ours.”

“I just want to say how proud and grateful I am for those who are across seas for everything they have done to keep us safe and sound in our homes.” Smith. “They really deserve a whole lot more than what I just said in my opinion.”